Seven Stars in Kyushu

The Ultimate Luxury Japan Train Experience

Seven stars in kyushu

One part of Japan's incredible rail system is its luxury trains. These trains are designed to make the trip between your destinations an entire travel experience in themselves! One of the newest luxury trains to debut in Japan is the Seven Stars in Kyushu. Its fourth run, planned for late 2014, starts taking reservation in January.

the origins of seven stars in kyushu

Image Seven Stars in Kyushu
This luxury train, which made its first run in October 2013, gets its name from several different aspects of Kyushu. Although its name actually means "nine states," Kyushu has seven prefectures: Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Miyazaki, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima. 

The seven stars are also meant to represent the 7 most important aspects of a visit to Kyushu: hot springs, nature, power spots, history & culture, food, the friendliness of its people, and its train system.

Seven stars in kyushu overview

Inside Seven Stars in Kyushu
Seven Stars in Kyushu has two different travel options. Its longer, 4 days/3 nights trip makes a large circuit around all of Kyushu, includings its most famous hot springs, volcanoes, and urban areas. The 2 days/1 night trip focuses on the northern half of Kyushu, starting in Fukuoka and passing by Oita and Nagasaki. Each of these run weekly, in "sessions" of 2 to 4 months.
Inside Seven Stars train in Kyushu
The train is designed to be the height of luxury travel: to hark back to a time of high class travel and also to push train travel ever forwards. Its suites have a retro feel but offer large windows that offer an expansive view of the countryside.

new service in march 2018

Discover the Kyushu Volcanoes with the seven stars train
In march 2018, The Seven Stars will have a new itinerary and will stop one night in Mt Aso. On day 2, passengers will stay in a ryokan in Yufuin. To complete the  journey, a ride on the Hisatsu Line is scheduled.
For more details on this special Japanese train, be sure to visit the Seven Stars in Kyushu website.

Tickets for this incredible train journey are very limited, but if you miss this opportunity, creating your own circuit around the beautiful island of Kyushu is easy and accessible with the All Kyushu Regional Pass, the North Kyushu Pass, or the Japan Rail Pass

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