The Sanyo Shinkansen Line 

From Shin-Osaka to Hakata with a Japan Rail Pass

travel west with a shinkansen 

The Sanyo Shinkansen with a Japan Rail Pass
The Sanyo Shinkansen Line is the Shinkansen Line between Shin-Osaka station and Hakata Station Station (Fukuoka) operated by JR West.

Depending on their journey, some shinkansen are going from Tokyo and Kyoto to Hakata, or from Shin-Osaka to Kagoshima. There are 5 types of train on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line : Nozomi, Hikari, Kodama, Mizuho, Sakura.

Please note that the Hikari, Kodama and Sakura are covered by the Japan Rail Pass and that the Nozomi and the Mizuho Shinkansen are not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

New : Wifi Services are available on board

(Source : Wifi Service - JR West)

Shinkansen map with a Japan Rail Pass
Main stations along the Sanyo Shinkansen are Shin Kobe, Himeji,  Okayama and Hiroshima.

Main itineraries with the sightseeing details are detailed in the link below : 

Please note that starting from May 2020, a seat reservation near the luggage area will be MANDATORY in the shinkansen of the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu lines if the sum of the dimensions of your luggage exceeds 160 cm. In addition, the total height + width + depth of each item must be less than 250 cm.


Distance and Price - Sanyo Shinkansen Line

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