Regional (and Interchangeable!) IC Cards

Supplementing your Japan Rail Pass

IC cards

IC Cards are really useful pre-paid transportation cards offered in major cities in Japan. When riding non-JR trains, these are a great way to supplement your JR Pass!

Although the brand of IC Card you get differs depending on the city in which you buy it, as of March 2013, all IC Cards are compatible with each other.

interchangeable ic cards

The following is a list of IC cards that can be used interchangeably (and the regions from which they originate):

Suica (JR East) - Tokyo

PASMO  (PASMO council) - Tokyo


ICOCA (JR West) - Kansai


TOICA (JR Central ) - Nagoya

Manaca (City of Nagoya Transportaiton) - Nagoya

Kitaca (JR Hokkaido) - Sapporo

SUGOCA ( JR Kyushu) - Fukuoka

nimoca (Nishitetsu and others) - Kyushu

Hayakaken (Fukuoka City Subway) - Fukuoka

important notes

Please take care of the following points when traveling Japan with an IC Card: 

  • You cannot travel long distances between IC Card Regions using an IC Card (for example, from Nagoya to Tokyo)
  • You cannot use airport buses or highway buses with an IC Card
  • Kyoto city buses do not yet accept IC cards

For a detailed list of where you can and cannot use an IC card, please check this chart.

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