The Limited Express Sonic

Travel from Fukuoka to Oita

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The Limited Express Sonic is a JR train that makes several convenient stops in the island of Kyushu. If you are traveling in southern Japan with a JR Pass, Kyushu Pass, or North Kyushu Pass, this express train is a great way to access some of the top spots quickly and efficiently.

This train can be used with your JR Pass or Kyushu regional pass, so read on to find out what kind of stops you can make during your travel!

The Ltd. Express Sonic starts at Hakata Station (the main station in Fukuoka), your gateway to both the Sanyo Shinkansen, providing access to western Honshu, and the Kyushu Shinkansen, which travels down to Kumamoto and Kagoshima : 
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 - How to go from Kumamoto to Kagoshima ? 
The Sonic ends in Oita, a large but unremarkable city, but before that it stops at Beppu Station. Beppu is a coastal town, home to countless onsen (hot springs), as well as unique “hell springs” with fantastical colors. From Beppu Station, you can also access Yufuin, another elegant and famous hot spring area.
From one end to the other, the Sonic makes about a two-hour journey. If you are traveling with a JR Green Car Pass, the green car has extra comfortable seats and a panoramic view!

Reservations are free with a JR Pass, click here to read more.

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