The New JR East Luxury Train

Coming Spring 2017

luxury Train

Although many of Japan's older night trains are being phased out, the Japan Railways are looking towards the future of travel by rail.

With the instant popularity of Kyushu's Seven Stars in Kyushu cruise train, three new luxury train will be launched in 2017 and  the JR East company has released the first images of its new luxury train.

Here's a first look at the exciting things to come with the Japan Railways!

the basics

The JR East train Shiki-Shima is scheduled to open in spring 2017, with several routes : 2 days/1 night spring/Autumn,  4 days/3 night spring/Autumn, 3 days/2 nights winter.

For example the 4 days/3 nights trip will stop in Nikko, Hakodate, Aomori and includes a ride along the Gono Line.

This train was designed by Kiyoyuki Okuyama, intended to look like an upscale hotel, with ten cars decorated in a champagne gold color.

It will also include a restaurant dining car, and the rear lounge car will be partially made of glass for spectacular views of the Japanese landscape.

on-board accommodations

This new luxury train will be able to accommodate up to 34 passengers.

The higher end accommodations will be located in a deluxe suite car, with two rooms.

One of the two rooms will have two stories, the second floor a tatami sitting room with a picture window to view the passing scenery.

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