Your journey to Mount Fuji

Enjoy Mount Fuji's splendors

mount fuji

Mount Fuji is one of the favorite destinations from Tokyo, for a good reason, the perfect shape of this mountain is one of Japan’s most recognized symbol.

In addition to reaching its foot and climbing to its summit, many itineraries are possible in order to enjoy Mount Fuji’s splendors.


Itinerary around Mount Fuji
Gotemba is the station that gives access to 2 of the ascent routes: Gotemba and Subashiri

To get there:
From Tokyo station, take the JR Tokaido line, through Odawara to Kozu and change for the JR Gotemba line (1 to 2 trains every hour).
From the Gotemba station, you can take a bus (everyday from June 1st to August 31st, and only the week end out of season) in order to reach the climbing routes.


Enjoy the scenery in Hakone
Hakone, part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park, is a very popular destination among Tokyoites, as well as tourists, for its gorgeous scenery around the Mount Fuji (for instance, the Ashi lakes and Owakudani), its many onsens and vacation resorts.

To get there:
1. With a Japan Rail Pass : Take the Shinkansen on the Tokaido line to Odawara. When taking the train, check the stops as few 'Hikari' Shinkansen stop in Odawara. To make sure you reach your destination it is advised to take a 'Kodama' Shinkansen.
In Odawara, change for the Hakone Tozan line. You will not be able to use your Japan Rail Pass for this route, as this line is a private one.

2.The Hakone Free Pass from Shinjuku or Odawara includes unlimited travel on eight modes of transport in the area and discount tickets to around 50 tourist attractions and hot springs in the Hakone area.


Around the Lake Kawaguchi
The 'Fuji Goko' region (the 5 lakes of Fuji) is located on the northern side of Mount Fuji and in addition to the Kawaguchiko lake, also includes the Motosuko, Saiko, Shojiko, and Yamanakako lakes. Fujigoko is the perfect area for hiking, camping, fishing or even skiing during winter in a wonderful natural environment.

To get there:
From Shinjuku, take the Azusa, Super Azusa or Kaiji trains on the Chuo line, and change in Otsuki for the Fuji Kyuko line to Kawaguchiko station.
The 'Fujisan Tokkyu' will take you there in 45 minutes, where as the 'Fuji Tozan Densha' will take about an hour.

New : The Fuji excursion ride twice a day directly from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko. Learn more here.


Other attractions around Mount Fuji
The thrill seekers will love the Fujikyu Highlands, a theme park next to the Kawaguchiko Lake, where they will be able to ride the steepest roller coaster!

From the Otsuki station, take the Fuji Kyuko line to the 'Fuji-Q Highland'.

For the travelers coming from the West of Japan, the Fujinomiya ascension route is the easiest to reach.

To get there:
1.Take the bus from the Shin-Fuji station on the Tokaido Shinkansen line
2.Take the JR Tokaido Honsen line to Fuji, change for the JR Minobu line to Fujinomiya, and from there take another bus. 

The Chureito pagoda in the Arajura Sengen offers a post card view of Mount Fuji.

To get there, get off at the Shimo-Yoshida station on the Fuji Kyuko line.

But nothing beats the pleasure of admiring Mount Fuji from your Shinkansen’s seat, while savoring a 'ekiben', on the way from Tokyo to Nagoya and Kyoto. The Mount Fuji being on your right, try to book the D or E seats (these will remain the same on the Kyoto-Tokyo route during which Mount Fuji will appear on your left).
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