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how to use it?

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At the left of the home page, the area 'route and timetable search', is to be completed with the stations of departure and arrival of your trip.
How to use Hyperdia?
  • Fill up the boxes 'from' (departure station) and 'to' (destination station)
  • Click on the icon 'Search details' to change the parameters of the search.
  • Uncheck the boxes 'NOZOMI/MIZUHO/HAYABUSA', 'Airplane' and 'Airport Shuttle Bus'
For travelers who use a Japan Rail Pass, it is important to uncheck the 'NOZOMI / MIZUHO' box. Indeed this type of Shinkansen is not included in the package of the pass.

Please notice that if you want to travel from Tokyo to Shin-Aomori or Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto (Hokkaido) with the Japan Rail Pass, you can use the Hayabusa train so you must check the NOZOMI/MIZUHO/HAYABUSA box.

Uncheck the boxes 'Airplane' and 'Airport Shuttle Bus' too and click 'Search'.

Read the results

You are now on the results page where the different routes matching your search criteria are listed
  • For a route, the price shown at the top left of the box after 'Total ¥ ' (inside a bold blue box in the image), is the total price you have to pay for travel.
Prices in brackets, represent the total retail price, respectively expenses (Fare) and the ticket price (Seat Fee).

There is no additional charge for people who have a Japan Rail Pass, whether for booking the place or charges.

It is possible to change the class using the dropdown menu under 'seat fee': 'Green Seat' is the equivalent of the first class, 'Reserved Seat' allows you to reserve a seat in second class and finally 'unreserved seat', cheaper, allows you to get on the train without being sure to find a seat on board.
  • By default, the price displayed is for a reserved place in the regular class (as in the example). Expenses are fixed while the ticket price can vary.
  • Under 'Time' is indicated the starting time of the first train (11: 12), the transport time to change train, the arrival time of the first train, the departure time of the second train and so on.
Research result of Hyperdia
The next column shows the stations of departure, transfer and arrival, as well as the names of the trains (inside the red boxes in the image).
  • To know whether it is economical to buy a Japan Rail Pass in your case or not, compare the total cost with the cost of a Japan Rail Pass 7, 14 or 21 days once your different routes created.

The more you travel by train over long distances and the more you save up money with the JR Pass or the regional passes!

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what is hyperdia?

To plan your rail itinerary in Japan, you can choose from maps, travel guides and interactive online tools.

Among these tools, the English version of the Hyperdia website will be a valuable travel companion. If you have an Internet access while in Japan, Hyperdia will help you optimize your transportation times.

It also offers a roman characters search option, and will give you a great deal of information about times, names of trains or train stations, different itineraries available as well as prices.

Watch our video and learn all you need to know about Hyperdia.