Cancellation Policies and Fees by Product

If you need to cancel your trip to Japan here is information on our cancellation fees


Please find below the conditions for getting a refund and the cancellation fee applied. 

To receive a refund for products that have been dispatched and received by post in order to cancel these products you must send these back to our office as unused. These products are the national and regional Japan Rail Passes, Hakone Free Pass, Limousine Bus ticket and Sim cards. 

For services and the JR East Pass Tohoku / Nagano-Niigata, you will need to email us a refund request with your order number. These products and services include the Pocket WiFi, Yasaka Shuttle and the two Japan Rail East Passes.

Product, cancellation fee and the deadline for the returned items and cancellation notification. 

- Japan Rail Pass / Regional - 15% / 31st July 2020
- Japan Rail East Pass Tohoku / Nagano-Niigata - 15% / 31st July 2020
- Hakone Free Pass - 15% / 31st July 2020
- Limousine Bus (Tokyo) - 10% / 31st July 2020
- Pocket Wifi - 10% / 7 days before your rental start date
- SIM card - 10% / 31st July 2020
- Yasaka Shuttle (Kyoto) - 10% / 7 days before your pick up date
- Pasmo/Suica Card* - Non refundable

* Please note that we are unable to refund Pasmo/Suica cards. Pasmo and Suica cards sold on our website are not registered to an individual, unfortunately they are not eligible for a refund however they are valid for ten years so you will be able to use this on a future trip. 

We suggest you contact your travel insurance company to determine if you can cover the cancellation fee. Please contact us if you need assistance with a letter for your travel insurance company.

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